Stuffed Mushroom

Stuffed mushrooms are a popular appetizer or side dish created by stuffing mushroom caps with a variety of contents, including breadcrumbs, cheese, herbs, and vegetables. They can be baked, grilled, or sauteed. These mushrooms are frequently regarded as delicacies and may be found in many restaurants as well as cooked at home. Stuffed mushrooms are a flexible meal that may be served in a variety of ways. They are suitable as an appetizer, side dish, or main entrée. They can be filled with a number of ingredients, like tofu, sweet corn, cheese, or veggies, to give them a distinct and wonderful flavour. They are frequently served as an appetizer in fine dining establishments, but they may also be seen in more casual venues such as bars and pubs. Because they may be created with vegetable-based fillings, they are an excellent alternative for vegetarians and vegans. They are also a popular alternative for those seeking a low-carb or gluten-free meal. They are a unique and inventive way to consume mushrooms.


  1. Mushroom – 16 piece/ 2 packets
  2. Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer) – 200gm
  3. Chopped Tomato – ½ cup
  4. Chopped Onion – ½ cup
  5. Chopped Capsicum – ½ cup
  6. Salt – ½ tbsp.
  7. Black Pepper – ½ tbsp.
  8. Hot Spices/Garam Masala – ¼ tbsp.
  9. Oregano seasoning – ½ tsp.
  10. Green Chili – 1 tbsp.
  11. Oil – for frying

Cooking Instructions

  1. Firstly, we will put 16 mushrooms in a big bowl. Wash the mushrooms thoroughly and keep them in a separate vessel.
  2. Now we have to cut 1/2 cup onion, 1/2 cup tomato, and 1/2 cup capsicum into small pieces.
  3. You can also cut or grate the 200 g of cottage cheese as per your wishes. We are taking grated cottage cheese here.
  4. Mix the tomatoes, onions, capsicum, and paneer well.
  5. Now we will mix it well with 1/2 tbsp salt, 1/2 tbsp black pepper powder, 1/4 tbsp hot spices, 1 tbsp crushed green chili, and 1/2 tbsp oregano to taste.
  6. The stuffed mushroom stuffing is ready. If you want, you can also fry the stuffing in a pan.
  7. Now we have to separate the back stem from the mushroom. After this, the stuffing stuffed in mushrooms will be well filled.
  8. After this, we have to heat oil in a pan. And put the pieces of stuffed mushroom into the pan and fry them.
  9. Fry the stuffed mushrooms till they turn a light golden colour. Now we will sprinkle black pepper powder, mix spices powder in it.
  10. Now you can eat it with green coriander sauce and tomato sauce.
Picture of Chef Sparsh Saxena

Chef Sparsh Saxena

Sparsh Saxena is an Indian chef, entrepreneur and the COO of Aezowie Infotech Services Pvt Ltd, an IT company established in North India. She enjoys helping people and love cooking. She is based in Moradabad city and well known for her one-of-a-kind, easy-to-prepare signature dishes.

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