Spring Rolls

Easy Recipe

Spring rolls are a popular delicacy eaten by people from all over the world. They are frequently served as an appetiser or snack, and they are a mainstay in many Asian cuisines. Typically, the meal is constructed with a thin flour wrapper that is filled with a variety of savoury ingredients and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. Spring rolls are popular for their taste and texture combinations, and they are frequently served with a variety of dipping sauces. They are a crowd-pleaser and can be quickly produced in big numbers, making them an excellent choice for parties and gatherings. They may also be cooked in both meat and vegetarian variants, making it a versatile dish for any dietary needs. They are also widely available in street food and restaurants, as well as frozen and ready-to-fry versions in many supermarkets.


  1. Maida / All purpose flour – 2 cups
  2. Corn flour (optional) – 2 tbsp.
  3. Salt – 1/2 tsp.
  4. Water – 2 cup
  5. Oil for veg stuffing- 4 tbsp.
  6. Chili (finely chopped) – 2
  7. Onion (chopped) – 1
  8. Cabbage (chopped) – 2 cups
  9. Soya chunks – 1 cup
  10. Capsicum (chopped) – 1 cup
  11. Maggie masala ae magic – 1 tbsp.
  12. Tomato sauce – 2 tsp
  13. Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
  14. Chaat masala – 1 tsp
  15. Oil (For Frying)

Cooking Instructions

  1. To begin, combine the all-purpose flour, corn flour, 3 tablespoons oil, and salt in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Stir in 2 cups of water with a whisk. Whisk until a smooth, lump-free batter forms, adding more water as needed.
  3. Grease a pan and spoon a ladleful of batter onto a heated pan. Swirl once to ensure the batter is evenly distributed.
  4. Cook for 1 minute, or until the sheet is cooked but not browned. Gently flip over and continue to cook.
  5. Finally, the spring roll wrapper is complete. You may wrap it up and use it to make spring rolls.
  6. Heat 4 tablespoons of oil in a large wok with 2 chilies. Add 1 onion and stir; cook over high heat.
  7. Stir in 2 cups cabbage, 1 cup soy chunks, and 1 capsicum. Stir-fry veggies without losing their crispness.
  8. Add the pepper powder, Maggie masala ae magic, chaat masala, tomato sauce, and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly to ensure that everything is fully mixed.
  9. Begin by placing a tablespoon of prepared vegetable filling in a prepared wrapper. Apply a teaspoon of maida or all-purpose flour paste around the border of the dish.
  10. Roll and fold the sides, ensuring the roll is well sealed.
  11. Fry in heated oil while keeping the flame low. Continue to stir until the roll is golden brown and crunchy. Drain off any excess oil.
  12. Finally, serve the spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce. Enjoy!

Picture of Chef Sparsh Saxena

Chef Sparsh Saxena

Sparsh Saxena is an Indian chef, entrepreneur and the COO of Aezowie Infotech Services Pvt Ltd, an IT company established in North India. She enjoys helping people and love cooking. She is based in Moradabad city and well known for her one-of-a-kind, easy-to-prepare signature dishes.

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